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1:1 Coaching

Whether you're trying to finish your first Ironman event or make the podium within the professional field, we will review your goals and objectives as an athlete, parent, spouse or employee and take a collaborative approach to achieve excellence within the context of your life. Improvement must come without compromising the non-negotiable components of your life: performance at work, personal health and the best version of yourself that you can provide your family. 

Our coaching is for long-sighted athletes who want to achieve more than a personal best. We offer one level of guidance because we feel that coaching is about establishing and maintaining a high touch, intimately collaborative relationship.

High performance endurance training is the ultimate self-experiment. So, constant communication with your coach is critical to get the most out of yourself and emerge from mediocrity.


Our team of 4 professionally trained & educated coaches provide:

-Over 50 years combined experience in endurance sport, 2 PhD's & countless years of professional racing 

-Premium TrainingPeaks Account

-Unlimited phone, text or email communication with prompt response time during office hours (Mon-Fri, 8-5)

-Annual season planning & race selection collaboration

-Daily emails with detailed (HR & power zones) workout instructions & workout analysis

-Refinements based on your race calendar, typical weekly training schedule, and hours of training available

-Thirty-minute weekly video chat or phone consultation as needed

-Weekly self-assessments to track development, progress and catch any potential red flags

-Nutrition, race fueling analysis, equipment optimization & planning 

-Discord Community providing our athletes with direct access to all Toro Coaches, fellow Toro athletes, industry experts, webinars discounts and group training opportunities. 


Coach Jason Lentzke | $500 monthly

Coach Whitley Atkins | $400 monthly

Coach Scott Ellis | $400 monthly 

Coach Pablo Gomez | $400 monthly 




Triathlon Coach Phoenix

Let's Go

Enroll in our sports training program and unlock the scientific principles that drive athletic performance, propelling your training and results to unprecedented heights.

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