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Our Services

Our services extend beyond the training sessions, as we offer community, performance assessments, personalized training plans, and an ongoing Coach-Athlete partnership to help you maximize your potential. With Toro Performance, you can trust that you will receive top-notch coaching and guidance, empowering you to exceed the demands of competition in training and achieve remarkable results.

Philosophy - Cycling Coach


Use the smallest dose of the most specific training to get the desired adaptation.

We call this “optimal loading,” or “minimal effective dose.” Our training programs allow the athlete to be consistent daily, weekly, monthly & yearly.

Finding the right balance for each athlete is an art as much as a science.


So, we keep it pretty simple: Do enough to get an adaptation, absorb it and then repeat. Long-term vision requires patience and trust, but it equates to health and longevity in sport.

cycling coach


In order to make the most effective use of your time, we utilize four HR zones. This allows us to eliminate the zone between ZR and Z1 which serves no purpose--we call this the "grey zone". 


  • ZR: < Recovery 60 % of threshold HR (Very Easy)

  • Zone 1: Aerobic Endurance, (75-85% of threshold HR)

  • Zone 2: Endurance Tempo (85-90% of threshold HR)

  • Zone 3: Threshold Tempo (90%- 100% of threshold HR)

  • Zone 4: Full Gas Efforts (> 100% of threshold HR)

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Goal Setting

Whether you're trying to finish your first IRONMAN event or make the podium within the professional field, we will review your goals and objectives as an athlete, parent, spouse or employee and take a collaborative approach to achieve excellence within the context of your life. Improvement must come without compromising the non-negotiable components of your life: performance at work, personal health and the best version of yourself that you can provide your family. 

fueling consulting

Fueling Consulting

If an athlete can successfully align their nutrition to support their physical training volume and intensity changes, they will be able to manipulate body weight and body composition better, have a stronger immune system & recover faster. 

Our network of Sports Dietitians & Nutrition Experts will help demystify the complex world of performance nutrition. 

Our philosophy is built upon the concept of "fueling for the work required." Learn how to dial in your training and racing nutrition in order to optimize what you eat for performance.

community - Nutrition coach


Access to our private Toro Performance Discord Server featuring direct access to Toro Coaches, nutrition experts, physical therapists & other medical professionals. 

Our Discord Server is a great way for our athletes to connect for group training sessions, enjoy lively discussions, friendly competitions, and consume valuable content shared by like minded-individuals. 

Whether you're a swimmer, cyclist, runner or triathlete, you will find incredible value within our community; regardless of your aspirations.



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  • Premium TrainingPeaks Account

  • Unlimited phone, text or email communication with prompt response time during office hours (Monday-Friday, 8am-5pm)

  • Annual season planning 

  • Daily emails with detailed workout instructions & workout analysis 

  • Refinements based on your typical weekly training schedule and hours of training available

  • Weekly video chat or phone consultation as needed

  • Tailored race execution plans covering: nutrition, power, pacing, HR guidelines and course preview.

  • Weekly self-assessments to track development, progress and catch any potential red flags

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Unlock the scientific principles behind athletic performance, taking your training and results to a whole new level.

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