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Discover the voices of satisfaction and success as our esteemed athletes share their testimonials about Toro Performance's exceptional services. Embark on a journey through the firsthand experiences of our athletes, showcasing the transformative impact of Toro Performance on their performance goals and aspirations. From remarkable achievements to heartfelt gratitude, these testimonials offer genuine insights into the unparalleled quality and effectiveness of our offerings.

As always, thank you so much for your guidance and support...I've never felt so ready for something like this in my life. Everything from the lead-up to the plan was just spot on...I'm learning so much from you, and it's really amazing what meeting someone like you can do for someone. We'll be back for another Ironman some day! 
-Jasen, San Tan Valley, Arizona

On June 27, 2021 I completed my first 70.3 Ironman in Lubbock, Texas. In preparation for the race, I played a guessing game with training and focused on volume in the three movements (swim, bike, run). The race went well and finished in 5:09.


I was hooked and signed up for the Florida 70.3 in December. 


Just 20 weeks out, I knew something needed to change with the goals I wanted to accomplish. I got in touch with former pro triathlete, Jason Lentzke, founder of Toro Performance out of Arizona. We jumped on a call and got after it right away.


My training completely changed with an emphasis on heart rate zones and aerobic training. I learned how to properly fuel, respect zones and knew when to rest. We chatted on the phone, through text and I received feedback on all workouts. I did exactly what Jason asked with an exception of a couple.


Throughout our 20 weeks, Jason and I spoke frequently in which he listened to me both  vocally and physically. Not only did I begin to see improvement in my power and times but more importantly, I had someone who educated me and cared about my health in the process. 


I had a goal of sub 4:40 which we worked at together. We knew there wasn’t a lot of wiggle room so he put the pen to paper.


Fast forward to Florida…I studied the race day plan and trusted the process. It was the hardest I’d ever pushed but finished with 4:35 time, a 34 minute improvement from just 20 weeks! Nothing quite like finishing a race like that!! I finished 4th in age group and qualified for the World Championship in St George, Utah with just two 70.3s under my belt. 


I am grateful for the opportunity but at this point having a young family, I decided not to proceed with accepting my spot to Worlds. 


Without Jason this would have not been possible. The guy is the f**kin man!! He leads from the front like a pro, still continues to walk the walk as an athlete and most importantly, he genuinely cares. The guy is phenomenal. As a coach myself, I learned from him and have nothing but respect for his work ethic and dedication. 


If you’re looking for an endurance coach I would highly recommend Jason at Toro Performance. Stay away from generic cheap plans on the internet, you deserve better. Get a plan that’s tailored to you!! You will hit your goals with Toro. 

Sean- Houston, TX


I have been working with Jason since January. He was referred to me from a friend who used him 2 Ironman races. He has not disappointed me in anyway and has lived up to his reputation from my fellow athlete. He is quick with communication and support. He reminds me of nutrition and hydration which I never realized how important those were until we started working together. He is flexible with my workouts when I need him to be and allows me to make changes as necessary. He doesn't overwhelm you with your training, but rather works with your existing schedule to make it all fit. I know i can always count on him to be constructive in any area he feels I am lacking or not giving my full potential . I have much more confidence in my September IM by working with Jason than I ever did before. I would recommend him for athletes of all levels and experience :)

Di- Rockford, MI


Jason is a competent, holistic and responsive coach, who understands injury recovery, age and gender. I have the pleasure of working with Jason both virtually and in person. He has fashioned my training around my injuries, health issues and my age to enable me to accomplish my goals. Jason is able to articulate my needs when I can not, by analyzing my workouts, nutrition and stress. He can compensate for any ailments, work obligations and family needs. Jason continually delivers timely responses to all questions, concerns and comments that I have, even when he himself is competing half way around the globe. I truly believe that he strives for my personal success and that he prides himself in my accomplishments; to me there is no better quality in a coach. I highly recommend Jason to anyone who is new to the sport of Triathlon, who believes they are untrainable or is at the peak of their competitive career. He will challenge you, respect you and encourage you to achieve any goal you set.

Jessica - Vail, AZ


Coach Jason was my highest matching coach on the Ironman Coach Match service four months ago. He responded immediately to my request to discuss coaching and his training methods. I hired him that day after feeling 100% confident in the compatibility of the match. In the four months Jason has been coaching me he has exceeded my expectations in every single area of my training. All training metrics of my performance in swim, bike and run are significantly stronger. My body composition has improved by 5% BF and an increase in muscle. I feel supported in my training and even in general life with Jason’s professional and compassionate demeanor. I would recommend Jason for anyone looking to hire a coach to help them reach their peak! 

Heather - Salt Lake City, Utah



I have worked with Jason for my first two full Ironman events and am currently working with him for this triathlon season. Although we live thousands of miles apart, Jason is really dialed in to my data, nutrition and training. He is so knowledgeable in all aspects of triathlon. Jason is also down to earth and reasonable. He realizes life happens and can tailor a plan that works for me personally. I have enjoyed working with Jason these past three years. As a result of training with him, I have had successful Ironman events and have felt decent at the finish. I would highly recommend him.

Heather - Rockford, MI


Jason has been my coach since January 2014. I could not be happier with his coaching these past 1.5 years! He has done an outstanding job training me for two Ironmans (my second and third ones), helping me attain "personal best" times at both events. He has also successfully trained me twice for the Wildflower Long Course, several Olympic-distance races, a "gran fondo" ride and running races. Throughout the over 1.5 years that I've followed Jason's advice and daily workouts, I have stayed healthy (no real injuries to speak of), gotten stronger and had a lot of fun. I consider these results to be directly attributable to Jason's excellent workouts, communication, advice and guidance. In particular, given that I'm 49 years old and have been side-lined pretty frequently in the past by injury, I am thrilled that Jason's coaching (including frequent/excellent communication with me) has enabled me to do so many challenging races without getting hurt or sick. Jason has also done an excellent job as a coach of honoring my particular goals and respecting my non-triathlon/training schedule. As a parent and part-time attorney, I have a lot of non-athletic responsibilities, but Jason's excellent weekly training plans have made it easy for me to make athletic progress without spending more time than is necessary and without creating stress around getting in my workouts. Lastly, I'll add that Jason is incredibly positive and encouraging as a coach and that I've enjoyed training and racing a lot more since I began working with him. You cannot go wrong working with Jason!

Bridget - Berkeley, CA


Jason was a fantastic coach. He was always readily available for my questions and truly listened to the feedback I had regarding my progress, tailoring my workouts accordingly. I highly recommend him to any athlete looking to take their performance to the next level.

Reem – Austin, TX


I have never felt so good in a marathon, and so good after. I finally broke 3 hours! The gels helped a ton, the awesome coaching, and the carb-loading regimens were also crucial in this process. Thank you!

Julee – San Antonio, TX


Thank you for all your help with training for my first Ironman. I not only finished Ironman Wisconsin, but under my goal of 12 hours. Your coaching was spot on and without it the race would not have been as enjoyable.

Regina – Milwaukee, WI


Thank you for the training and the easy to follow plan. I’m grateful for my new marathon personal best!

Rodrigo – Queretaro, Mexico


Thank you! You helped me get over my fear of the swim. Already planning to come back next year and better my time. You’ve inspired me to continue and opened a new sport to me. Thanks for being there and being a great source to call on and to motivate. You’re a treasure!

Linda – Brookfield, WI


The 50k ultramarathon was more competitive this year, but I was still able to pull out the win. I’m shattered. Thank you!

David – Cayman Islands


I ran a new personal best and it was on a very hilly half marathon course! Thank you for the awesome training.

Taylor – Austin, TX


The pace was very hard toward the end of the race, but because of my training I was able to hang on for 21k! Thrilled with my new PB!

Alejandra – Queretaro, Mexico



It is so exciting getting an AG award. I truly enjoyed myself yesterday and have become addicted to racing fast! Thank you!

Katie – Jacksonville, FL

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