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Under the guidance of his mentors, Jason Lentzke has developed himself into an elite level endurance athlete and coach. For the last ten years Jason has been coaching triathletes, cyclists, runners and endurance athletes of all skill levels. He has guided beginners to their first Ironman finish line, professional triathletes to the podium, Ironman age group champions, elite marathoners and virtually every skill level in between. As a life-long student of endurance sport, Jason shares a passion and commitment to excellence with his stable of athletes.

Jason enjoys working with individuals looking to push their personal limits and take their training and racing to the next level. Triathlon, cycling and endurance sport-specific training is the ultimate self-experiment. Therefore, constant communication with your coach is critical to get the most out of yourself and emerge from mediocrity. Consistency, patience and dedication are required to develop the skills needed to perform your absolute best. There are no short cuts and there is no such thing as “race-day-magic.” You must exceed the demands of competition in training. 


Jason understands that your time is precious. Your training should be integrated into your life, not dumped on top of it. Given your available time commitment, Jason’s full-time job is to get you as fit as possible.

Jason grew up in Pewaukee, WI and studied at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee. As the founder & owner of Toro Performance, he currently lives, trains and coaches full time in Phoenix, AZ 

Notable Achievements:


-Over 12 years of coaching experience & a lifelong athlete 

-IRONMAN Certified Coach, 2015

-USAT Coaching Certification, 2008

-Specialized Body Geometry Fit Technician

-Multiple Boston Marathon qualifier

-IRONMAN Hawaii & IRONMAN 70.3 WC Finisher 

-Countless IRONMAN & IRONMAN 70.3 podiums

-2016 Duathlon National Championship runner-up

-Competed in IRONMAN and IRONMAN 70.3 events all over the world 

Whitley has competed in endurance sports her entire life but developed a love for triathlon in 2014. She believes that the biggest reward is seeing hard work pay off and getting to celebrate that hard work by challenging yourself daily. Overcoming the adversity in training translates to multiple facets of life and allows her athletes to be the best versions of themselves. 

Whitley has multiple degrees in Exercise Science, including just finishing her PhD in Health, Sport, and Exercise Science. Her research focus during her PhD was focused on hydration, electrolyte balance, and heat acclimation. Further, she developed a niche with female athletes by focusing on fluid balance and female specific physiology. Her scientific knowledge provides Toro Athletes with a winning edge in competition. 

Jason has coached Whitley since 2016. Through his mentorship and guidance, Jason has not only led her to multiple 70.3 podiums and a World Championship, but collaboratively honed her skills as a coach. 


Using both her education and athletic experience, Whitley has coached her athletes to be successful in all distances of the sport-including attaining World Championship qualifications.  


Whitley is currently living and training in Dallas, Texas but makes frequent visits to the Sonoran Desert. 

Notable Achievements:


-USAT Certified Coach, 2015

-PhD in Thermoregulation Hydration & Renal Physiology

-World Championship 70.3 qualifier

-All World Athlete


After being sidelined by an injury while playing tennis, Pablo decided to start running to stay in shape, and this quickly led him into the endurance and triathlon world. In 2011, Pablo moved to Austin, TX and began compiling multiple Overall and Age-Group wins and podiums in distances ranging from super-sprint to Half Ironman, as well as multiple finishes in other endurance events ranging from 5k road races to Multi-sport Adventure Races. Pablo has managed to qualify for numerous World Championships in the 70.3 and Olympic distances while finishing more than 26 Half Ironmans in his career thus far.


Pablo attended Texas State University as an Undergraduate and Graduate student, where he graduated with a Masters in Arts in 2018 while making his way to the Elite level of the sport and developing as a coach. 


Through his experience as an athlete, and years in the sport working under different coaching styles and in different performance environments, Pablo has solidified a coaching philosophy based on quality work and the pursuit of excellence through discipline and dedication, while keeping a balance throughout the different life stressors.  As a coach and athlete, Pablo understands the importance of having a consistent training and racing schedule that prioritizes and takes into consideration each athlete's life demands and challenges.


Pablo currently lives, trains and races professionally out of Bogota, Colombia.

Notable Achievements: 

-Countless Ironman 70.3 podiums

-Professional Long Course Triathlete

-1st in the 2017 70.3 All World Athlete ranking 

-Multiple World Championship qualifications

-2012 USAT Long Distance Champion

-Competed in Ironman and Ironman 70.3 events all over the world


Scott’s journey into endurance sports took a different path than most others do. With his background in basketball, Scott spent most of his athletic career learning to hate running, since it was usually only in the form of line sprints before, during, and after practice.  After his basketball career came to a screeching halt, he expanded the scope of his education receiving a bachelor's degree in athletic training and a doctorate of physical therapy both from Northern Arizona University. During his time at school, he spent thousands of hours working with athletes, coaches, and strength and conditioning specialists in a myriad of sports endeavors. Scott helped develop athletes from young children through the professional ranks by teaching injury prevention and treatment, strength and conditioning, nutrition, recovery, and dealing with the emotional and psychological roller coaster associated with a training season. As a licensed physical therapist in Arizona, Scott found himself working directly with a triathlon group on off-season injury prevention programs when one of his athletes recommended he try a sprint triathlon to help him better understand their sport. Not one to back down from a challenge, Scott did what any solidly logical athlete would do: he signed up for Ironman Arizona without a day of training, a bike, or any clue as to what was coming his way. Seven years later, Scott has completed 13 full distance Ironman races around the world, countless Ironman 70.3 races, and a handful of marathon and ultramarathons. 

Being a full-time medical professional, Scott has often found himself trying to find ways to balance a full-time job, full-time training, a happy home, and he has proven that it can be done with a proper schedule and a good support team. Scott is now a physical therapist and athletic trainer in the west valley of Phoenix and has trained, rehabilitated, and coached numerous Kona and Boston-bound endurance athletes throughout various training seasons. Scott also works with countless age-group athletes training for short and long-distance racing who are toeing their first start line and have goals outside of a “podium finish” or a “championship qualifier”, frequently out to simply push their own limits to prove they can finish. Outside of training and working, Scott spends time with his Ironman-finisher wife, Lauren, their menagerie of rescue animals, and anyone who will join him for a mountain summit.  

Notable Achievements: 

-13 Ironman finishes & counting, countless Ironman 70.3 finishes

-Regional Beer Mile Champion

-Competed in Ironman and 70.3 events all over the world



Whether you're trying to finish your first IRONMAN event or make the podium within the professional field, we will review your goals and objectives as an athlete, parent, spouse or employee and take a collaborative approach to achieve excellence within the context of your life. Improvement must come without the compromising the non-negotiable components of your life: performance at work, personal health and the best version of yourself that you can provide your family. 


Access to our private Toro Performance Discord Channel, support and sponsorship from the industry's premier brands, race meetups, training camp opportunities & free Phoenix group training options.


In order to make the most effective use of your time, we utilize four HR zones. This allows us to eliminate the zone between ZR and Z1 which serves no purpose--we call this the "grey zone". 


ZR: < Recovery 60 % of threshold HR (Very Easy)

Zone 1: Aerobic Endurance, (75-85% of threshold HR)

Zone 2: Endurance Tempo (85-90% of threshold HR)

Zone 3: Threshold Tempo (90%- 100% of threshold HR)

Zone 4: Full Gas Efforts (> 100% of threshold HR)


If an athlete can successfully align their nutrition to support their physical training volume and intensity changes, they will be able to manipulate body weight and body composition better, have a stronger immune system & recover faster. 


Learn how to dial in your training and racing nutrition in order to optimize what you eat for performance.



-Premium TrainingPeaks Account

-Unlimited phone, text or email communication with prompt response time during office hours (Mon-Fri, 8-5)

-Annual season planning & race selection collaboration

-Daily emails with detailed (HR & power zones) workout instructions & workout analysis

-Refinements based on your race calendar, typical weekly training schedule, and hours of training available

-Thirty-minute weekly video chat or phone consultation as needed

-Weekly self-assessments to track development, progress and catch any potential red flags

-Nutrition, race fueling analysis, consultation & planning 



For key events, athletes are provided with a pre-race phone consultation and a tailored race execution plan that covers: nutrition, power, pacing, HR guidelines and course preview.  

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