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The Ben Kanute Experience

Presented by
Cyclologic & Toro Performance 
February 21st - 25th, 2024
Scottsdale, Arizona


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About the Training Camp

Immerse yourself into the ultimate triathlon training during the Ben Kanute Experience.  Our Scottsdale camp is the destination for athletes seeking a captivating, educational and rewarding training experience. This camp will allow athletes to experience elite training in in preparation for their season alongside Ben and his own support team - including Toro Performance and Cyclologic.


This intimate experience is designed to elevate your skillset for years to come.

Don't miss the opportunity to train alongside & learn from the fastest American over the Iron distance (7:37) in one of the North America's most stunning training locations while receiving expert coaching and technical support.

The camp is set against the desert landscape of North Scottsdale, Arizona. Athletes will stay in a lavish desert oasis home with chef prepared meals and an opportunity to train, learn and recover like a pro. 


This exclusive experience is designed for athletes of all levels. Our team of coaches will work individually with each athlete while fostering a sense of community among participants, creating an environment where athletes can learn from and support each other.

This immersive triathlon training camp is not just about physical exertion. This is a value-driven journey where athletes will refine their techniques, enhance their mindset and deepen an understanding of their capabilities. Every session prescribed has a purpose and will be guided with intent.


Our goal is for athletes to emerge not only as stronger triathletes but as individuals equipped with the knowledge to excel in their athletic pursuits. 

What's Included in the Training Experience



Stay in a luxurious home rental with chef prepared meals that will fuel your training and recovery. Lounging in the courtyard allows for full relaxation between training sessions and the backyard oasis provides a perfect spot for evening fireside chats. Your home is in close proximity to the lap pool and is a perfect spot for starting & ending training sessions. This is truly the ideal retreat for driven athletes seeking knowledge, comfort, nutrition, and proper recovery.


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From the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to the 2022 IRONMAN 70.3 World Championship, experience the terrain that helps Ben Kanute charge to the front of every race. Long stretches of open road, rolling terrain and beautiful tarmac allow athletes to experience workouts alongside Ben and expert coaches. All rides will be supported with ample SAG and nutrition.  



With ample trail and road options, Scottsdale offers an incredible opportunity to experience some of the most beautiful running trails in the country. The scenic paths wind through striking desert vistas, inspiring runners seeking solace and strength. Learn first hand why runners from all over the world travel to Scottsdale to train each winter. The mild climate provides ideal conditions for pushing boundaries. 


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Our Partners Include:

  • Cyclologic

  • Matt Pendola

  • HOKA

  • The Feed

  • Deboer

  • TheMagic5

  • Streamline Performance PT

  • Toro Performance



Coach led workouts inspired by Ben Kanute at beautiful McDowell Mountain Ranch Pool. Each session is designed and crafted to improve athletes of all ability. Working under the guidance of experienced staff will keep you focused on developing race strategies, honing tactics and technique. 

Bike Optimization


The team at Cyclologic will provide every athlete an opportunity to optimize their position with an industry-leading bike fit and virtual wind tunnel optimization. Their expertise and advanced technology allow competitors to dial in the most aerodynamic and powerful position. Additionally, Cyclologic will provide full concierge service: bike unbox/pack, assembly & tune. Entrusting valued equipment to the seasoned staff ensures peace of mind during your stay. 

Strength & Mobility 


Matt Pendola will provide Swim, Bike & Run strength sessions for triathletes looking to progress in movement patterns specific to triathlon. The targeted exercises strengthen the muscles crucial for power and endurance across all three disciplines. You'll be doing movements focused on single leg strength, dynamic core stability, and overhead stability. The specialized programming helps build a solid foundation to thrive over long distances.


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$5,000 + Travel

What's Included?

  • 5 days of triathlon immersion, workshops and camaraderie 

  • Coach led swim, bike and run sessions with SAG support and nutrition 

  • 5 days stay in a luxurious home with chef prepared meals

  • Bike Fit & Analysis provided by Cyclologic

  • Daily presentations by nutritionists, professional athletes and industry experts 

The Itinerary


S & C Presentation with Matt Pendola & Fireside Chats


Nutrition Presentation by The Feed & Fireside Chats








Meet & Greet followed by

swim session

Ride & Bike optimization at Cyclologic 

Ride & running session

Morning Swim

Longer Ride & T Run

Longer Ride & T Run

Long Run





Fireside Chats 


Train with a

U.S. Olympian
70.3 World Champion Runnerup
Escape Alca
traz Champion
Island House Champion
USAT Elite A
thlete of the Year
USAT Sprint National Champion
Collegiate National Champion
USAT U23 Athlete of the Year
Elite National C

Train with Ben Kanute

Inquiry Received

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