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Why Choose Toro Performance?

Toro Performance or Hire a local Triathlon Coach?

Having a coach who lives in town is great, but given the current state of technology and the tools we use to monitor training and communicate, proximity of your coach has become less important. We utilize the most technologically advanced training software to monitor your training and provide immediate feedback no matter where you are in the world. Do not confuse proximity with proficiency. Triathlon coaching, Ironman especially, is a unique entity—it’s complex and constant communication is critical. The complexity of long course triathlon is our specialty.

Commitment to Coaching

We coach triathlon full time with no safety nets. You’ve likely had several jobs in your life. It’s also likely that there were/are part time employees in your field. Based on your experience, what are the knowledge and proficiency differences between full time employees and part time in your field? Now think about triathlon coaching. Do you think it’s any different?

The rapid growth of triathlon over the last 15 years has created opportunities for many athletes to simply cross an Ironman finish line, take an online course and then refer to themselves as a “coach”. There are countless coaches out in the world who combine their “coaching” income with that of a their “real job”: teachers, attorneys, personal trainers, therapists, local-fast-guy/girl, etc. They combine their default coaching rate of $200 per month with their “real job” income and can make a decent living. However, that “real job” safety net usually means that the coach doesn’t have to work too creatively to improve their coaching skills or provide a better service to their stable of athletes. They also can’t possibly give you the attention that triathlon training demands.

Coaching full-time with no safety net demands that we think outside of the box for how to best coach and service our athletes. At Toro Performance, we literally eat, sleep, breathe and live the multiport lifestyle 24/7/365.

We offer around-the-clock availability, detailed race execution plans, Skype calls, phone consults, nutritional guidance, equipment optimization, bike fit, race support and any other life or triathlon-related issue you can fathom. Your personal success and well-being dictates our success.


Learning should be relevant and practical, not just passive and theoretical. In life, there are things that you learn by doing. Triathlon coaching is happens to be one of those things. The process is never ending. You can’t just take the latest certification course or read a book to become an expert. Through our training and racing (over 25 combined years) and dozens of Ironman, regional, national and World Championship finishes we’ve made plenty of mistakes and plenty of triumphs. Our experience saves you months of adversity and potential race execution failure. We understand what it takes to make the most out of your precious training time. It’s our job to get you to the start line healthy and get you to the finish line happy.


A significant weakness of the part-time triathlon coach is simply experience and small sample size. How much can you learn if you’ve only raced a couple events yourself and have coached a handful of local athletes to long-course finishes?

Take a macro perspective for a moment and think of everything that’s involved in teaching and managing a single Ironman athlete: educating them about proper training, swim/bike/run technique, bike fit and setup, establishing schedules, family balance, work balance, dealing with winter/summer weather, teaching them how to push themselves for 10+ hours, how to eat and drink during and outside of training and so much more.

Essentially, there is no training or scheduling problem or situation that we haven’t seen and had to figure out a solution for. That is what we love to do because this is our passion.


Applying scientific training principles to the training of real people with real lives is complex. It’s pshycology, physiology and motivator all rolled into one. Our coaching philosophy is simple: There are no short cuts and there is no such thing as “race-day-magic.” You must exceed the demands of competition in training. We will work together to determine the best course of action to integrate training into your life and achieve the goals we’ve set into place.

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