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A Hierarchy of Aero

1. Position: Comfort, power and aerodynamics. The more comfortable you are in your aero position, the longer you can stay there. Don’t settle for a poor fit that forces you to sit up and prevents you from putting out your optimal power.

2. Clothing: Baggy clothing is slow. Skin is slow. Hairy skin is very slow. Cover it up with a sleeved suit or shave down. Tight is right!

3. Wheel/tire/tubes: Gatorskins + butyl= 😭 A great starting point for most is the Continental 4000s II with latex tubes. And no, you’re not more prone to flats while using latex tubes as long as they’re installed properly.

4. Helmet: Find an aero helmet that is best suited for your particular position. Not someone else’s position. The Giro Aerohead, SWorks TT, LG P09 & Oakley ARO7 test well on many riders with varying positions. 5. Clean Cockpit/front end: Tidy up any excess cables and run a center-pull brake 6. Clean Hydration setup: Do not carry round bottles on frame and keep your setup as minimal as possible. Use the aid stations!

7. Drivetrain: Keep it clean and use high quality parts. When you touch your chain, you shouldn't need to scrub the grease off of your hands. A dirty drivetrain is inefficient and a significant watt killer. A Ceramic Speed Bottom Bracket and OSPW is not going to slow you down, but notice where they sit on our hierarchy.

8. Body Composition: Improving your w/kg isn’t easy, but it’s critical to be your best. Before you buy an oversized pulley system, work with a Sports Dietitian to achieve your ideal body comp and reap the benefits on race day.

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