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It order to be fast you need to be aerodynamic. In order to be aero on your bike, you need to be comfortable. In order to be comfortable on your bike, you need to be properly fit. There is no magical fit system: Retul, Body Geometry, FIST, etc. The elaborate tools and lasers are just the “sizzle”, but the eyes of the fitter are the “steak”. Five years of fitting under the guidance of his mentors at one of North America’s largest and most respected cycling retailers have allowed Jason to develop the skills needed to help cyclists and triathletes achieve their best fit.

For optimal power and efficiency, a proper bike fit is critical. Whether it’s a road, mountain or triathlon bike, don’t make your body work any harder than it has to. Any suffering you endure on the bike should be for the sole purpose of riding faster. Is your discomfort causing you to sit up? Every time you leave the aero position you are giving up time and throwing away the money you spent on your aerodynamic setup. In order to be fast, you need to be comfortable. Being comfortable will allow you to minimize fatigue and set yourself up for your best possible bike and or run split.

For more insight into Jason's Fit Philosophy check out his Strava Q & A, here.

Contact Jason here to inquire about your bike fit.

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