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Transitioning From Offseason to Post Season

During your 2-4 weeks of “offseason” you gave the body and mind the break it needed. But, now during the transition to movement or what we call, “post-season”, we want to improve tissue integrity & your readiness to absorb the upcoming work.

The emphasis is not on not chasing performance gains, we want to focus on creating positive habits like modifying your diet, improving swim stroke, run form, bike position and adding strength and mobility work to build a resilient musculoskeletal system. This is the time to train movements, not muscles.

The post season is often referred to as "base training". This is an antiquated term. We need to maintain specificity during this phase between offseason and transition to in-season preparation. Don’t pack on the junk miles. It’s all about smart, sustainable work that develops your foundation upon which we build fitness. When your training does ramp up, you will be prepared to accept the stress of your training load, adapt to the work and avoid injury.

Remember, keep this time of year fun—do not drain your battery of will power. We need you motivated and ready to attack the season!

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